An Icon can be defined as a person or object regarded as either a representative symbol or a thing worthy of veneration. My ICON series features molded paper forms in which an object, often a piece of electronics equipment, has been shipped. To me these molded forms evoke images of the sublime - figures ranging from angels to Mayan gods. Inspired by a trip to Greece several years ago when I was captivated by the Byzantine architecture found in their churches, I strive to recapture their heavily gilded surfaces using modern disposable packaging materials. Made entirely from cardboard and molded paper, these ICONS present images of the ancient world within a modern context.

Icon, 45x15

Icon, 45x15"

Icon II, 12x9

Icon II, 12x9"

Icon III, 12x9

Icon III, 12x9"

Icon IV, 12x12

Icon IV, 12x12"

Icon V, 12x9

Icon V, 12x9"

Icon VI,  48x48

Icon VI, 48x48"


Icon VII, 10x10

Icon VII, 10x10"

Icon VIII, 14x11

Icon VIII, 14x11"

Icon IX, 31 1/2x16 1/2

Icon IX, 31 1/2x16 1/2